Laminate Countertops

Constructing laminate counter tops is another job among the many we can help take care of in a residential or industrial setting. These are very detailed jobs. Laminate is very fragile, and it is not suggested you “try it at home” unless you have plenty of helping hands, good ventilation, and an idea of what you are doing.



This job was for a basement kitchenette area that was being refurbished. After minor repairs to the sheeting base, the laminate was ready to be glued into  place.

2012-432  The process was very detailed, as glue dries, it sticks to everything, and like mentioned before, the laminate is very fragile and willing to crack where you least want it to.



In the end, the counter top turned out beautiful.



Garage Door Termite Damage


Termited garage

Here we have started the first stages of garage door header demolition for a termite damage repair job. You could not see it from the outside, but when you touched it, it felt like crumbs underneath.

termite garage3

Once we took the siding board off, this is the view of the stud framing behind the door trim pieces.


 termite garage4

 Here is the damage to bottom edge of gable truss; the header was completely gone.

Condo Renovation

This is a project that we did for Forest Creek Condos.  You can see the extensive water damange from the flashing being poorly installed under the door. 

ForestCreek Before picture

The damage was extensive, and we had to tear out a lot of the floor.

 Tearing out the rotten wood

We rebuilt the support structure under and around the door.

Structural repairs to the floor

After the rotten wood was repaired, we flashed all around the door frame to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Re-flashing around the door

Finally, we reinstalled the door and the only thing left to do is to put the siding back on.

Almost finished.